Monday, June 25, 2012


Wah.  Sounds busy there.  President Wade is getting ready to head out too... moving  is always a hassle.  President Wade is having a series of zone meetings with each zone before he heads out this week and then we'll have a meeting with the new mission president on Friday.  I still have absolutely no idea who President Meredith is or what kinds of things he's done in the past... they said we were all gonna get something that said something about it but we still haven't.  Oh well I'm sure I'll know soon enough.

Yeah I'm steeling myself for really hot and humid weather.  I might die from the shock though just because of how nice the weather is here.  It's been really really nice this week too.  Not too hot, not to cool, nice breeze, pretty clouds.  Man. Can't really get much better than this.

So I'm still here in San Francisco emailing at the apple store.  Elder Liu and I will probably eat lunch here and then head back to Oakland on BART since we didn't feel like driving in today.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!  I don't know if it's particular to Chinese people in the bay area but I feel like almost every family here is really scattered and full of all kinds of problems.  Or maybe just the people willing to listen to me.  I feel like complete families are hard to come by or are never ever interested in listening to us for some reason.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I was able to meet with complete families.  We visited this lady the other day who's kind of an investigator but not really that interested.  She was showing me her English notebook which had an example sentence of "marriage is the grave of love".  I was like "wow that's a horrible example sentence"  She was like "What? It's true!" haha.  So horribly wrong and stupid.  It was this really propaganda-esque English notebook printed in China.  Quite an interesting read.

What exactly do they train you on for going to be a DCM?  Just do whatever the ambassador says and give him all the credit for everything good you do.  And also take the blame for anything bad.  Sounds pretty simple to me...

In any case, we had a pretty good week.  Fiona's still being hesitant for some reason.  She just feels she needs more time or something.  Anyways we'll go visit her tomorrow night and hopefully get it sorted out.  She didn't even come to church on Sunday even though he r uncle came.  Her uncle is from GuiYang and really really humble and likes church.  He's preparing to be baptized in July so hopefully he doesn't find a job that requires him to work on Sundays since he usually does restaurant stuff but is out of work atm.  So we called Fiona last night and talked to her for like 30 minutes.  Apparently she was out interviewing for a job yesterday morning and told her uncle she was sick since he was sacrificing his looking for work time to go to church.  So she NOT ONLY didn't keep the sabbath day holy but ALSO lied to her uncle about it.  Aiya.  We told her to repent basically. She was like "oh yeah I didn't think about it like that dang it!"  So ridiculous.

Brother Xing is doing well.  He's getting to know a lot of the other guys his age in the branch and even came to Gao Yuan's birthday party on Saturday since we got him invited.  It started a little after 5 and apparently he didn't go home till like midnight haha.  They all made it to church on time the next day though so... pretty sweet.  He also bought a new car last week so we can probably get more people to church from DVC if we need to.  All we need to do is find more investigators there and we'll be good... 

We have a lot of investigators right now but we just need to be more bold in inviting them to be baptized even though many of them have already expressed reluctance to us.  So we'll hopefully be able to help them resolve their concerns and develop greater faith and what not.

Anyways, I guess that's about it for this week.  I really like this area it's pretty fun.  We're working a lot more in central Oakland lately with the English Class and doing a lot of finding there.  It seems to be going pretty well.  For some reason we're getting a ton of new students lately and a lot of them are pretty promising.

Thanks for all your love and support.  Hope everything goes well for your move!  Love you!


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